We were featured in Mold Making Technology magazine.

In a time when everyone seems to be trying to look at outsourcing as a way to stay competitive, Oldcastle, Ontario-based Aalbers Tool & Mold has gone against the grain, and it has paid off.

If you walk through this company’s crib, you will see the usual rows upon rows of components waiting to be installed into jobs. Screws, springs, pins and bushings line the shelves. Look a little closer, however, and you will start to notice some components that similar manufacturers don’t typically keep in stock. That’s because Aalbers has a components division that builds a growing selection of its own components.

Aalbers Tool & Mold was founded in 1982 by CEO Gary Aalbers to design and manufacture large plastic injection molds for the automotive and consumer goods industries. (The company also has expertise in fabric insert tooling.) Traditionally, these molds are made from raw blocks of steel machined to shape, combined with about 80 percent purchased components (screws, pins bushings, etc.) and 20 percent components custom-made for a particular job.

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