How We Work

Needs Analysis

Quality starts with understanding your needs. From tooling requirements, work timelines, and budget we will work with you to ensure your trust in us is well rewarded. Our promise is to provide you with a mold of the highest quality. Quality means a mold that produces plastic parts that meet all your requirements for years to come.

Quality also means on time delivery.  When we set our timing goal, we either meet that goal or improve that delivery. Our on time delivery rate is 99%. Anyone can build an injection tool quickly, but can they maintain the quality? Aalbers does just that!


We are continuously seeking innovative processes to optimize tool design and provide top-quality molds. This is why we have invested in the latest NX Mold design software. Using our standard component library provides unique design innovation for a more cost-effective assembly and more efficient manufacturing.

Our designers and program managers have an average of 25 years of experience. We emphasize concentration on customer specifications and strictly adhere to your scheduling needs.

CNC Machining

Aalbers state-of-the-art high speed CNC machining department uses the latest software and tooling for the most accurate surface finish attainable. Our high speed machining centres have 30,000 RPM spindles with feed rates over 1,500 in/min.

With the latest software and continued focus on improving our machining process, we continue to be competitive in the everchanging global market.


Building quality precision molds is important, but we also understand that customers are relying on us to do the job properly and on time. That’s why we have invested heavily in data tracking and analysis.

We understand our capacity, our capabilities, timelines to build quality products, and we quote all our jobs using this knowledge. We can proudly state we have a 99% on-time deliver rate.


At Aalbers Tool and Mold Inc., we manufacture and stock our own standard components. This makes us more efficient in cost and timing. As a result we can offer more competitive pricing and shorter tool deliveries. In the event of an emergency, this allows us the ability to offer replacement parts to our customers in need of them.

Our Standardization process has even been recognized and published in MoldMaking Technology Magazine because of the many benefits it offers our customers.


Our fleet of trucks, with a maximum load capacity of 52,000 lbs., operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,throughout Canada and the United States.

Aalbers has earned the distinction of being a leader in on-time delivery to customers.

Let Aalbers Tool and Mold Inc. show you how easily your logistic needs can be facilitated.

Service & Support

Building the best tool we can for you isn’t enough. We strive to make sure the services we offer are the best they can be. From pre-sales to project management to follow up, and repair, we want our customers to be happy.

With three plants in Canada and a full service build and repair facility in Queretaro, Mexico, Aalbers International can service and support you throughout North America.

I was impressed with just how well the shop fit our description of a Lead Time Leader

— Matt Danford, Sr Editor Mold Making Technology