Since our inception, our company has embedded quality practices in all areas of our business. Focusing on our Consumer molding services we produce a variety of Injection, Compression, and 2-Shot Molds. Our team is experienced at supporting the production of high quality finished parts for a wide variety of applications from electrical support frames, complex assemblies such as those used in ventilators, and structural products designed to provide strength where it is needed most.

Speed and Efficiency

With our in-house component production department and streamlined machining process, our tools do not suffer from shipping or other market instabilities.

Once the raw steel arrives at our Machining Facilities door, dedicated and experienced teams will be ready to work and process those blocks into the final tool non-stop. Inside the same plant, working simultaneously, the mechanisms and components get manufactured for the tool. The operators review and compare notes on their concurrent projects to ensure a smooth machining process to the very end.

Quantifiable Quality

As parts are finished moving through our machining plant they are transported across the street to our assembly and toolmaking facility.

Here the parts are put together and hand-worked to the highest quality. The work is verified and checked by separate groups to ensure our tools are ready to meet the vigorous production requirements of our customers. Each assembly team group is led and managed by experienced toolmakers with decades in the trade.

Support and Adaptability

During production and tryouts, we stand by our tooling, offering professional support to make sure it can meet the production requirements outlined during kick-off.

Our experience and talents are also available during the build cycle to review and implement part improvements or changes as they are developed – ensuring that last-minute adjustments and part improvements that may not have been considered prior to tool quoting can be incorporated into the final tool.

I was impressed with just how well the shop fit our description of a Lead Time Leader

— Matt Danford, Sr Editor Mold Making Technology